Biky Coach

"I love this app. Use it a couple of times a week for about a year now with no problems at all. Thumbs up!"

"Love this app, keeps me company on my rides. Wonderful tool for training. I would not be without this tool ever."

“Best application I've downloaded!!! Easy to use and accurate! Love it and use it all the time!!!"

Your pocket bike computer. Whether you use a mountain bike or a racing bike, Biky Coach is your personal trainer that helps you keep track of your progress and meet your fitness goals. Train yourself with your personal coach while listening to music and sharing your progress with friends, all with Biky Coach’s many features.

Using the GPS feature of your iPhone, Biky Coach provides real time information of all your race statistics (speed, distance, elevation, calories burned…) and stores them for later review. Biking Coach gives you all the information you would get from a GPS biking computer but for a fraction of the cost!

Biky Coach will give you personalized vocal updates on race statistics through your earphones! Hear all your stats including distance, speed, calories burned, and amount of time lapsed without slowing your pace or breaking your concentration to check your phone.

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Biky Coach Key Features

✔ Multi Sports : Running, jogging, walking, skiing, biking...
✔ Audio Cue : Fully synchronized with your iPod playlist (updates either announced between songs, when music is paused or overlay with music)
✔ iPod Integration : Maintain full control of your music without having to quit the application. Create playlists, go back and forth between tracks, look at album artwork
✔ Maping : Maps embedded with representation of the path, milestones and pace
✔ Multitasking support : Use your favorite web radio app while tracking your running datas
✔ Ghost Mode : It’s simply the running version of the famous karting video ☺
✔ Weather forecast of your running trip
✔ HD synthesized voice for high quality spoken running datas
✔ Heart Rate sensors compatibility
✔ Statistics & Charts : Access to more than 15 customizable charts to provides a personal analysis that suits you
✔ Track All Important Data : Distance, clock, current speed, average speed, max speed, instantaneous speed, average speed, elevation, weather conditions, location-based point of departure, country, city and more!
✔ iPod integration: Listen to your music, audiobooks, & podcasts while you run
✔ Personal Training plan : Create custom training plans tailored to your individualized objectives
✔ And much more to discover...

Biky Coach is fully compliant with

✔ iPhone 5
✔ iPhone 4S
✔ iPhone 4
✔ iPhone 3GS
✔ iPad all versions (with 3G option)
✔ iPad mini all versions (with 3G option)
✔ iOS 5.0 and above
✔ Works also on iPod with a gps optional kit